A couple of weeks ago, I headed to a Benefit blogger’s event after work at my nearest Debenhams, in the Bullring, Birmingham. Us bloggers got to view the new boutique and have a complimentary treatment done to experience what Benefit do at the boutique. I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed regularly at this Benefit counter so I know how that works, however I was unsure about the other treatments they offer so it was interesting to hear about those. Sorry about the photo quality – I forgot my camera on the night so had to use my phone!

Chi Kitchen put on a spread and I had a glass of champagne before being shown around the two boutique rooms. The one room is where all the waxing takes place and the other room is for tanning. Both rooms are a good size and very private even in a large department store! The boutique offers spray tans, brows, facial waxing, body waxing – including intimate waxing and lashes.

I had an eyebrow tint and wax which was done perfectly and it was well needed! The wax Benefit use is designed to close the pores after waxing so you’re less likely to get those annoying little bumps. After I had my eyebrows done, I had my make up done which looked lovely but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it! Overall it was a wonderful experience and I would 100% recommend getting your brows and body waxing done at Benefit, they do a great job! They also included a lovely goody bag which I am grateful for!

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