Next Lingerie Event Bullring Birmingham

Recently me and a few other local bloggers headed to the Next Lingerie Event at the Bullring, Birmingham. On a day-to-day basis I don’t think us woman think a lot about our bras, we just put them on, get on with our day and take them off when we get home. However, as I found out at the Next event, we need to make sure we’re getting fitted once every six months, so that our bras are still comfortable and so we know whether we’re still the same size or not. Sorry my photos aren’t the best – I forgot my camera!

Next have recently relaunched their lingerie and I was shocked as to how affordable it is! The majority of the bras are on a 2 for £22 offer, which is amazing. I usually spend about £25-30 on bras (which I now know do not fit properly) and I doubt I ever will again!

I’ve never had a proper fitting before, I’ve just measured myself with the whole tape measure thing at home (which is so inaccurate by the way)! At the event, we were told the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. The majority of us were wearing the wrong size and couldn’t believe how comfortable it was to wear the correct size. Next kindly gifted us each a set (in the correct bra size) which I am ever so grateful for. I was told that a plunge style suits me best so I went with the ‘Carrie’ style, with matching briefs. Being fitted was the best thing I think I’ve ever done, as you definitely feel so much more supported when you are wearing the right bra size!

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