You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I was contacted about Esthechoc, the chocolate that cares for your skin. I am a huge lover of chocolate and skin care, so I instantly knew this was the perfect product for me. Esthechoc contains 70% cocoa and two antioxidants which contain anti-ageing properties which are cocoa flavanols and astaxanthin carotenoid. To consume enough cocoa to see the benefits you’d usually have to eat 100g of dark chocolate daily, but luckily it’s all packed into one portion of 7.5g Esthechoc. A daily portion increases the level of antioxidants in the skin, which improves microcirculation, raises the skins oxygen level and prevents ageing. It is also meant to help the skin regain it’s firmness, radiance and luminosity. It’s no surprise that it took the scientist behind it, Dr. Ivan Petyaev, 10 years of research to develop the chocolate!

In a box, you get 21 individually wrapped squares to be taken with a meal. They are extremely dark chocolate, so if you like dark chocolate you will absolutely love these and enjoy them! I’m not much of a dark chocolate eater but knowing the benefits they are having on my skin I gladly ate them all. After completing the three weeks, my skin is looking more firm and radiant. I can’t really comment on the ageing side as I am only 19 and only have a few frown lines, but I can definitely tell something is going on with my skin as it is looking good! My skin is looking a lot more flawless and glowing since starting the three week course of Esthechoc.

I am absolutely amazed that there has been skincare developed in the form of chocolate. Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate is available exclusively in Harrods for £35.

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