As you probably don’t know, I suffer with quite a few skin conditions. They all make me feel rather self concious and even if no one else notices them, they really knock my confidence. I suffer from psoriasis in my ears, severe scalp dermatitis and keratosis pilaris on my legs.

Dermatique recuperating cream comes in an 100ml size and you need the smallest amount each time for areas like the scalp and ears, so it will last for ages. It claims to be soothing relief for irritated itchy and dry skin. It is free of steroids and fragrances, it also contains no mineral oil, parabens or peanut products making it rather natural and suitable for peanut allergy sufferers! It’s suitable for all ages and all skin types, making it extremely versatile and worth the money. The cream can be used on the face, scalp, hands, feet and body. It is ideal for psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, eczema, redness and dry skin.

Since this cream arrived it has been used non-stop. I mean it. I’ve been slathering it in my ears, on my scalp before a hair wash and on my legs. It sinks in so quickly and I don’t get fed up of using it because it doesn’t have a sickly smell. Sorry if this grosses you out but my ears and scalp have flaked a lot less since I’ve been using this and my ears feel like they’re going back to normal. I feel like the look of the keratosis pilaris on my legs is improving, it hasn’t quite cleared up but it is literally all over my legs, so it will probably take a while. My Mom also gets really bad eczema on her hands, so I told her to use some of the Dermatique cream and it cleared up really quickly compared to her using her usual eczema cream. It also looked a lot less sore. As soon as I apply the cream, it takes the burning itchy sensations away from my ears and scalp, and instantly soothes and cools them. Every area you apply it on to feels extremely moisturised afterwards. I am really impressed with this cream and once the pot has ran out I will definitely be repurchasing it.

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