Clarins Autumn Collection 2015

Clarins have done it again. Bringing gorgeous new shades of existing products and a brand new limited-edition eyeshadow palette out for Autumn, this is a collection I’m highly excited about. The most exciting of all the new releases is the Limited Edition Pretty Day 5-Colour Eye Shadow palette. The colours are beige, pink, shimmering taupe, matte brown and shimmering brown. They are all easily wearable and would create a great eye look using just a couple of shades or all of them! Neutral shadows are perfect all year round but browns look especially stunning in the Autumn. You can buy the palette for £33.

There are new eyebrow pencils in three different shades which are Dark Brown, Light Brown and Soft Blonde. I like these because they come with the pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other. It’s always great to be able to brush through your brows before you pencil them in, so you know exactly where they’re meant to be going and can keep them tidy. The eyebrow pencils are available for £17 each.

There are new shades of the Ombre Matte, Crayon Khol and Rouge Eclat. The Ombre Matte shadows (which I love) are now available in Carbon and Heather. Two new stunning shades for Autumn, a shimmery black and a shimmery taupe-purple. These eye shadows are so soft and buttery, I’m so happy to be adding two more to my collection. They are available for £19 each. The Crayon Khol’s now come in Carbon Black and True Violet. These eye liner pencils are some of the softest that I’ve found so I’m glad they’re now available in more colours. They are £17 each. The Rouge Eclat lipsticks now come in Tawny Rose and Red Paprika for Autumn. These are such Autumnal shades, I cannot wait to wear the red throughout Autumn and Winter. They are available for £19.50 each.

What do you think of the Clarins Autumn Collection?

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