Just over a week ago, I headed to Solihull for #Sunnyhull at Mell Square. I don’t know my way around Solihull whatsoever as I’d never been there before so I headed to LUSH knowing the bloggers would be there soon after meeting. In LUSH, we were given a shop tour by Becky before making Sunnyside bubble bars with Kyle. They’re the most summery of LUSH’s bubble bars, being gold and all and making your bathwater look like liquid gold. It was fun to mould them into any shape we wished, mine didn’t turn out so well as a heart but I tried!

We went on to Space NK where each of us had a makeover. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation was used on me, along with a few gorgeous Laura Mercier products, a lovely red Lipstick Queen lipstick and a beautiful NARS gloss, which is very different as I usually go for a matte lip. The make up looked really lovely! After Space NK, we headed to House of Fraser. We were given an example of a personal shop. Ting wanted to inject more colour into her wardrobe, so the fashion personal shopper tried to find some casual clothes that weren’t black or grey! She found a lovely blue top and a maxi dress, and also a lovely flowy top with a nice pair of jeans. The outfits looked amazing on Ting!

We went to Emily Jayne’s ‘Style Lounge’ which was really interesting. Emily went through some different colours and tones and who should wear them. She also went through the latest trends, which included the 70’s and the very 40’s utility wear, which I actually love! The khaki dresses and shorts look so stylish but so comfortable at the same time! I learnt a lot in the Style Lounge from Emily so this was one of my favourite parts of the day. We then popped into Sipsey, which is a beautiful lingerie boutique in Mell Square. The pyjamas in there were so luxurious and so soft, I am lusting after all of them. The lingerie was also gorgeous, I think I’ll have to take another trip in there the next time I go to Solihull.

We finished off the day with a drink from the Red Bus Bar and watched the live music on stage, before heading home. It was a lovely sunny day after the rain in the morning! There are two more #Sunnyhull events at Mell Square. On the 26th July it’s Kid’s Week and on the 2nd of August it is Home and Garden week, which sounds amazing. It was lovely to meet some bloggers I’d never met before and I am so grateful for being invited along!

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