NanoKeratin BeFri Brush

in beauty, hair, July 30, 2015

Never has there ever been so much science behind a brush I’ve used. The NanoKeratin BeFri Brush* features 8 Kinematic free moving arms, with 142 Flexi-Bristles. They’re anti-static so they don’t make my hair stand on end, like most other brushes I’ve owned in the past. The brush has a unique conditioning effect, which is so noticeable. Since brushing my hair with this brush it has been silky soft and I’ve been stroking my hair non-stop.

My favourite thing about this brush is that it is vented, which allows warm air to circulate when blow drying. It has sped up my drying time so much! I dry my hair upside down which usually results in a frizzy mess when it’s dry and I’ve brushed it. With this brush my hair looks almost like it has been straightened, which I absolutely love as I am using less heat on my hair. The only thing I will say is that it can handle tangled hair but maybe not severe knots – a couple of bristles actually snapped off when I was trying to get a knot out of my hair. I’m hoping I was being a little bit too boisterous with it and it was my fault they snapped off! Other than that I think it is the most wonderful brush and I am loving the condition of my hair since using it.

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