One thing I really don’t like about wearing shoes for a long period of time is that burning feeling in my heels. All I want to do once I feel that is take my shoes off and stick them in a bold of cold water and cover them in foot cream. That feeling happens most when I’m shopping, at a party or having a day out somewhere like London which involves a large amount of walking! What I love about the Scholl Party Feet* is the fact that you can put them in any shoe and they will stay in place due to their sticky back.

They provide so much relief on tired feet, especially from a lot of dancing! That achy, hot and sore feeling you usually feel in your heels after you’ve been dancing the night away is barely there as the gel pads are really cooling on your feet! They feel so soft on your heels and you can hardly notice them in your shoes. They look like you’d use them once and throw them away but they’re actually washable – which was a surprise to me due to the sticky backs! The gel cushions come with backing sheets and a handy pouch, great for popping in your bag and even your clutch for those times when your feet are burning! They’re such a great idea, I’m so glad I found out about them.

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