Dr. PAWPAW Original Balm

Who knew such a small tube could do so much?! When I was first told about this multi-purpose balm, I didn’t believe at all that it could do everything it says on the tube. But here we are, this balm is as multi-purpose as it gets. It actually reminds me somewhat of Vaseline, which is highly likely as one of the ingredients is petroleum jelly. However this Dr Paw Paw Balm* is like Vaseline…in a tube and so much less greasy. I thought the 10ml tube I was sent (product usually 25ml) would last about a day but boy was I wrong! It feels like it will last for months. At first it felt very tough to squeeze out due to the texture and when it finally came out, I was surprised how light it actually felt on the skin.

This balm can literally be used for most things you can think of. The obvious would be lips. I’m so glad it absorbs quickly as I hate the greasy feeling most similar products leave behind. With this, that is barely there. It is soothing on spots, hydrates my cuticles so well and is even good as a bit of a mask for my severely dry scalp before I wash it. I love how versatile it is and it’s wonderful that even the full-size is handbag size. I’m so glad I came across this and I will definitely be repurchasing it, it is a balm miracle.

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