After studying Beauty Therapy at college it was really interesting to go back to a classic box of at-home wax strips. I’m used to using warm wax applied onto the body with a spatula and ripping off with a paper strip. I haven’t used at home waxing equipment for at least two years, so I’d almost forgotten what it was like waxing with at-home strips! It’s fair to say I’d been growing my leg hair out for a while (not on purpose) so it was due a good waxing session. This is where the Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips* came in handy!

There are 20 strips in the box which they say is enough for a full two half-leg waxes. I would agree with this now! When you’re a first time waxer you tend to use a strip and throw it away, I did anyway. Now I know how to be cost effective with them and that you can use one more than once! The wax strips in this pack are from 90% natural origin, which is great knowing you’re not putting loads of horrid things onto your skin. My skin is really sensitive too so I think it benefitted from the wax strips having aloe vera in them. Aloe Vera is so soothing! They remove hair well when you use the right technique of pulling the skin taut and ripping the strip against the hair, but not pulling away from the skin. I find it so tricky to pull the strip off fast even though I know it won’t hurt me!

These at-home wax strips are much less messy than using warm wax and so much less sticky on your skin after you’ve pulled them off. The finishing wipes get rid of all the stickiness that is left and are nice and soothing on the area you’ve waxed. The strips removed my hair really well and as my leg hair doesn’t grow really quickly anyway I shouldn’t need to wax them again for over a month! I definitely need to get some of these for my moustache…they work wonders.

What’s your favourite hair removal method?

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