Microsoft Lumia 930 Review

After my review of the Lumia 735 I was asked if I’d like to try out a more upmarket Microsoft phone, that is more on par with iPhone. It’s certainly hard to beat the iPhone but I thought I’d put it to the test. All opinions are my own and this review is 100% honest.

If you’ve read my review on the Lumia 735, you will know I was not a fan of it being orange! The Lumia 930 I was sent was a lime green which was a lot more to my liking. It does also come in orange, black and white. This screen is the even bigger than the 735 at 5″ and you can definitely tell that this phone is more ‘high-end’. It’s a massive bonus that the 930 has a Full HD display resolution and when watching YouTube videos and Netflix I could definitely see this! The home screen is fully customisable which I love. You can move, add and remove all of your apps, photos, contacts to where you want and resize them. I changed the colour of mine to purple because it’s my favourite! I love being able to add my most frequent contacts to the homepage, it makes everything so much quicker and easier.

I couldn’t find all of my everyday apps on the Windows store, but the majority of them were there. The only one I really missed was Snapchat. It was especially great scrolling through Instagram on a huge phone screen, which I’m not really used to. I don’t really play phone games at the moment so I only downloaded the usual Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and YouTube. This phone was amazing to use for all of those apps due to the large phone screen. The camera on this phone is really something else! I definitely noticed the difference between the camera on the 930 and the camera on the 735. The camera is 20MP which is amazing for a phone and it definitely shows. It has dual LED flash which lights up a photo wonderfully in low light and I did notice a big difference between this and my iPhone camera! I love all the filters and editing options you have pretty much as soon as you take a photo,

After using the Microsoft Lumia 735, I found this a lot easier to use. This is definitely a huge competitor to the iPhone and if I could have a mixture between the two it’d be heavenly! The iPhone’s layout, touch ID, apps and the Lumia 930’s camera and customisation.

What phone brand do you use?

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