I don’t know about most other nineteen year olds out there, but I can count on two hands the amount of proper exercise I’ve done since I stopped doing P.E. at the age of fifteen. Other than a brief stint with Pilates (which I absolutely adored) and a Sunday morning Bums & Tums class, I haven’t really done much exercise and I’m now slowly trying to ease myself back into it. I’m the most unfit person I know so I’m starting off slowly and hoping to build up as the months go on.

I kicked off getting back into exercise with the 30 day squat challenge. It was really good, I felt like I was doing some proper exercise and toning my body. After I finished the challenge, I stopped doing exercise again for a while. Then I discovered the Blogilates 30 day challenges. I did the Flat Abs Challenge, Butt Lift Challenge and Thigh Slimming Challenge together. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tough, it really was, but I’ve found it has been great for easing me back into exercise. I completed the 30 day challenges and I am starting Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz in the hope of getting back into shape after nearly four years of no strenuous exercise whatsoever! Hopefully soon I’ll have my own workout routine.

What’s your workout routine?

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