Nokia Lumia 735 Review

I thought it would be great for me to trial out a different type of phone, the only smartphones I have owned are iPhone and Blackberry and before now I’d never even touched a Windows phone. Thanks to the lovely people at Microsoft I’m able to test this Nokia Lumia 735 out! All opinions are my own and this review is 100% honest. P.S. Sorry about the photos…I realised just before I was about to package the phone up I hadn’t taken a single photo of it!

I’m one for a sleek, stylish, professional looking phone. When I first saw the phone I wasn’t too excited about the fact it was bright orange. However, looks aren’t everything and this phone does also come in white, green and black. You can also buy the backs separately so you can switch up the colour, which is quite good as it’s extremely customisable. The screen is HUGE which is great for watching YouTube videos. As you can see in the photo above, the screen is significantly bigger than my iPhone 5S screen and therefore I enjoyed watching videos on the Nokia Lumia more. Another feature you could customise was the home screen, I loved being able to change the home screen colour to purple which is my favourite! You could also put apps and contacts on your home screen which I thought was extremely handy, if there’s someone you call a lot you won’t have to be scrolling through your phone to find them.

This phone is known for selfies and I’m not a huge selfie taker but I did take a few. There was a really good selfie app on this phone where you could add filters, it was really good! However I noticed the photos I took on the regular camera had a weird colouring to them. The app selection on the Windows store was not as vast as I thought it would be. Snapchat and a few other apps I use daily weren’t on there which was a bit disappointing but nothing to do with the phone itself! I enjoyed listening to Spotify through the phone, the sound was okay and was still rather good when I played it at a high volume!

This will probably sound stupid to none iPhone users, but I actually found this phone really difficult to use. I think it’s probably because I’m so used to apple products that I am physically incapable of using any other brand of technology!

What’s your favourite brand of phone?

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