Night Time Routine

in beauty, skincare, April 20, 2015

We all have that little routine before we go to bed, most of the time we don’t even think about it and it’s just the way everything goes. Even when I’m having a late night I’ll still do most of my night routine as it’s just what I’m used to! I start off by brushing my teeth which is the most boring part and it always feels like such a chore when you’re tired.

I then go through my usual skin and body care routine. First I take my make up off with Bioderma, which I find is the best thing to take make up off with. To be honest sometimes I do a cleanse after this but I’d be lying if I said I did regularly. I just apply my Bioderma to a large baby cotton pad and sweep off all of my make up. I then apply my Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control* on my legs which helps to keep my cellulite at bay, along with body brushing, exercise and a healthier diet than I used to. On top of that, I apply the Clarins Extra Firming Body Lotion* which is supposed to be for anti-ageing but why not start early! I apply this to most areas, just to keep everywhere firm and moisturised. After all that body pampering I slip into my pyjamas* which are by a brand called Blackspade, they’re so comfortable!

Now it’s getting closer to summer my feet will be out more, therefore I need to take care of them! I apply a generous amount Soap & Glory Heel Genius all over my feet, before slipping them into my Sanctuary Spa moisturising socks. I hate the feel of cream anywhere so I’m a huge fan of products that sink in or you can put gloves/socks on top of. The last thing I do before settling down is apply Soap & Glory Hand Food, as my hands are still feeling the effects of the cold winter.

When I get into bed I like to watch something on Netflix or YouTube before switching off and falling asleep. Admittedly most of the time I fall asleep before switching off my TV or iPad, which leaves me waking up rather confused in the middle of the night and having to move/switch off everything before falling back to sleep!

What’s your night time routine?

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