I’m pretty sure the majority of you have heard of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. With busy working and studying lives nowadays a lot of us will turn a night out down because we’re so exhausted, but maybe regret it later on. Ladbroke’s Bingo survey revealed that 1/3 of the UK said seeing photos and comments on social media make them feel worse as they see what they’re missing. It also revealed that 1/5 of the UK said seeing the night out on social media is when they feel they’ve missed out the most. With Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat these days it does make you feel like you’re missing out more, because you’ll be sitting at home (possibly bored) on your social media! You can read more of what they found here.I decided to take part in the JOMO challenge, hosting a night in with £44.16 which is what the average person in the UK spends on a night out. To be completely honest, I’d pick a nice night in over a night out the majority of the time. Just to clarify I mean a night out as in going in bars and clubs, not going out for a meal or something! I enjoyed picking out my night in goodies in ASDA. I thought a night in with DVD’s, snacks and drinks would be perfect.

I picked out 6 DVD’s which all came to just under £20! Which is really good. I went for the cheese factor, comedy, super hero and thriller. The food came to just over £20, which I think is quite good for snacks AND drinks. The good thing about spending £44.16 for a night-in is that it doesn’t just get you one night in, it gets you 2-3 nights in. In comparison to one night out for £44.16, I think that’s pretty good!

I spent my night in with my Mom and we only managed to watch The Hours and The Haunted Mansion. While we were watching, we ate some snacks and had a few glasses of wine to drink. It was a really nice fun night in and I definitely feel the joy of missing out, I prefer a nice chilled night in to going out and feeling really tired.

Do you feel FOMO or JOMO?

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