Time for a Detox

in beauty, lifestyle, March 5, 2015

I was asked if I’d like this Detox Box by Time4Sleep and after realising that I probably do need a detox, said yes immediately. After Christmas, we are in need of a huge detox and if you’re like me, since the new year it’s been ‘I’ll start next week…’. Well, here’s to me actually starting my detox thanks to this box. It’s packed with products that are ever so useful for beginning a detox and getting on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Lavender & Camomile Candle

One of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle and a detox is the amount of sleep you get. I for one have difficulty getting to sleep and I just can’t switch off at night. This candle has the essential oils Lavender and Camomile which are meant to help combat tension and insomnia, helping you to have a good nights sleep. I really look forward to testing this out and seeing if it really does work! Unfortunately it arrived broken so I couldn’t photograph it in it’s gorgeous packaging.

Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion

One thing I’m super self-concious about on my body is cellulite. This bath oil is supposed to help reduce fluid retention, boost circulation and shift the toxins that cause cellulite. If this really works, I can see this becoming a holy grail product for me.

Detox Yourself by Jane Scrivner

I’ve only read a bit of this book so far, but it has helped so much! It tells you what you can eat and why it is good for you. It also has a quiz at the front that you answer and then you’ll find out whether you can start the detox plan straight away or if not, what you need to do before you start. I can tell this book is going to be so helpful, especially since it has ways to banish cellulite!

Opal London eco-SPA Sleep Mask

This mask feels super soft and is washable so won’t feel disgusting after a few uses. I’d never wear this to sleep as I hate sleeping in complete darkness but I would probably wear it if I was napping in the day or just wanted to relax during the day! It fastens with Velcro so is more likely to be comfortable than a mask with elastic which may be too tight.

Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Tea

Many people after a night out or after Christmas will feel as if their liver needs a detox. Personally I don’t drink much so I don’t feel that but it would be extremely beneficial for someone that has overindulged. With peppermint, it should be quite refreshing and you will truly feel your detox.

Superdrug Masks

Who doesn’t love a good pamper with a face mask?! They draw out all impurities, all toxins so they are the perfect product to be included in the detox box. I look forward to using these when I bathe – prime time for a good face mask.

What would you benefit from most in this box?

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