Last weekend me and my Mom headed to London for a girly weekend away. London is my favourite place, I love visiting and hate leaving! This time we decided we would go to the theatre for the first time in 7 years and visit the V&A museum to see their Wedding Dress exhibition. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Westminster (post to follow) and I loved that we were just round the corner from the London Eye, there were some gorgeous views. When we arrived on Saturday morning, we made the short walk from the tube to the hotel and then went out exploring. My Mom took some of my outfit photos with gorgeous backdrops and then we headed towards Westfield Stratford City for some shopping. Alas, I couldn’t find anything I liked and we just went for food before heading back to the hotel.

We went to see Les Mis in the evening. I’d really wanted to see it for a while and I’m so glad we went, it was absolutely wonderful. The actors and actresses all had beautiful voices, I’d happily go and see it again and again. The story, which I had known nothing about previously was so good I was on the edge of my seat. As always with theatre performances you can’t take photos but you should find some lovely ones on their website! On Sunday, we got ready and went to Green Park, near Buckingham Palace and it was gorgeous. It was a lovely day, it’s crazy how you can go outside without wearing a coat in London but not Birmingham! My Mom took some more outfit photos for me and we had a little tourist detour into the Buckingham Palace shop, where I bought a Christmas decoration. I am obsessed.

We got the tube to the V&A which is a wonderful and beautiful building. We’d gone to London specifically for the Wedding Dress 1775-2014 exhibition, I love fashion and I am obsessed with wedding dresses. When the time comes for me to get married I don’t know how I’ll choose just one. There was no photography allowed in the exhibition but photos of some of the dresses are displayed online. There were some absolutely stunning dresses, including Dita Von Teese’s wedding dress, a gorgeous deep purple Vivienne Westwood. Kate Moss’ dress was also there and was stunning, along with Gwen Stefani’s, I love the ombré pink effect it had. It was amazing seeing how wedding dresses have evolved since the 1700’s into what they are today. As always, I was sad to leave London but the Ed’s Diner meal I ate on the train did cheer me up slightly…

What are your favourite things to do in London?

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