Me and my boyfriend don’t particularly ‘do’ Valentine’s Day. We’ll spend the day with each other and enjoy some food but other than that, that’s it! With Christmas, our anniversary and my birthday being so close together it’d be so expensive to buy each other gifts so we just enjoy each others company and buy each other a card. I’ve compiled this gift guide of things I’d love to receive for Valentine’s Day if we did buy each other things, feel free to link your boyfriend to this post if you like the look of anything!

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector*

These lip products are beautiful, I have the shade Apricot Shimmer and it is such a pretty colour. It makes your lips so soft and nourished, it’s the perfect kissable product for Valentine’s Day. Also, because it’s not sticky it’s more likely that your boyfriend will gladly kiss you back with this on as you won’t be stuck to his face by lipgloss, haha.

The Library of Fragrance Bulgarian Rose*

Perfume is a classic gift for Valentine’s Day, however the Library of Fragrance is slightly different. I thought as people get roses for Valentine’s Day, why not go with a rose scented perfume? It smells like roses but ever so subtly so you’re not overpowered by a strong rose smell. All the fragrances are so different and you’re bound to find one you’d love to be bought or buy yourself.

No.1 Jenny Packham Rose Gold Necklace & Earrings*

Most of us girls are suckers for rose gold. It is absolutely beautiful and when it’s a necklace and earring set, it’s hard to resist. There is a stunning abstract gem design on these and they’d be perfect to wear to a Valentine’s meal with your boyfriend. I think they’re lovely, I’d love to receive them off my boyfriend.

Paperchase Heart Photo Dome

I saw this photo dome and instantly thought it was the sweetest thing ever. I didn’t actually realise it was a photo dome at first, I thought it was just a snowglobe! But no, you can just slip the back off the dome and put your own photo in there. I love the heart confetti and glitter inside, it’s the perfect Valentine’s style photo frame and more.


I was bought my first flowers by Ryan last Valentine’s Day and it made me so happy! He bought me a rose and a beautiful bunch of flowers, the rose was so beautiful! For the purpose of this post I had to buy myself a bunch of roses, but they were so pretty that I don’t mind that at all. You can always win with flowers, except if the person you’re buying for is allergic to them. Which I’d hope not!


I think the card is the most important part of Valentine’s Day, that could be because it’s the part I care most about! Paperchase have some absolutely adorable cards. I didn’t include any in this post because I only need one for Ryan and I didn’t like to include it in case he read this post. My favourites from Paperchase are the penguin card and the ‘favourite’ card.

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