Everlasting Foundation+* – £27.50

I’ve never truly loved a foundation this much. I’ve thought other foundations were my holy grail but oh boy was I wrong. In this Clarins Everlasting Foundation I’ve found a base that is here to stay, I love it every day of the week and have not been fed up or unhappy with it (so far)! It is meant to last for 18 hours and have a day-long matte coverage. It contains anti-pollution benefits and has SPF 15, perfect for protecting the skin from those harsh UV rays. It comes in 15 varied shades ranging from super light to quite dark so there should be a shade to suit everyone.

The foundation has a nice and smooth application, is a medium to full coverage and is so easy to build upon. I only need one coat usually but a second goes on top just perfectly without looking overdone or too cakey. I don’t even feel like concealer is needed over my spots or redness as this covers them perfectly. It is supposed to suit normal, combination and oily skin types and I’d say it does quite well. Normally a few hours after applying foundation, I’d find it had ‘melted off’. Now this base is meant to last a whopping 18 hours and never ever have I worn my make-up for that long, but I have worn it for a good 13 hours and I can honestly say it lasts. On my severely oily skin, it does not stay matte like suggested, however after a few hours wear it looks lovely and dewy and is still doing it’s job in covering up my skin! Whilst wearing it for 13 hours I powdered once and I think it would have stayed on even without me blotting it with powder. I love the packaging, the frosted bottle is gorgeous and definitely looks what it’s worth! It also comes with a pump, which is wonderful as tipping foundation onto your hand never goes well. I only need a pump and a half for my full face which is quite impressive, meaning it will last for ages. When this bottle finishes I’ll be straight out to buy another!

Have you tried this foundation?

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