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I have always indulged in unhealthy, fatty foods that I would have never thought twice about eating before last year. I used to absolutely love processed foods like chicken nuggets, you name it. McDonald’s tasted so good, so did fried chips. However, last year I noticed every time I ate fatty foods or unhealthy, greasy foods my stomach just wouldn’t like it. I began to just enjoy the taste of the food but dread what was going to come next. I’d get awful stomach pains and feel so sick, I actually couldn’t sleep and certainly couldn’t cope with how bad it was. Eventually I came to a conclusion that I may be allergic to fats and the like that is put in this food, the best decision would be to stop eating fatty food altogether. I still carried on eating fatty food to a certain extent, when I would literally have no time to cook or was just so hungry. At this point in time, I have no craving for fatty food whatsoever, as I know what it does to my body. It’s no secret that fatty foods make you feel sluggish anyway, but when they make you feel genuinely ill, I think that is when it is time to quit. I’m described by other people as a fussy eater. I won’t eat pizza, greasy fried chicken and I’ve never eaten a beef burger in my life. However, I don’t find myself that fussy because I love nearly every vegetable you can name!

Now I’ve started exercising and the Christmas food is all gone, I decided it was time to eat completely healthy. I still eat chocolate and donuts occasionally, it’s not those type of things that make me feel ill, it is only fried greasy foods. A few examples of meals I will eat are: Roast Dinner Roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, broccoli, babycorn, peas, sweetcorn and a yorkshire pudding. Butterfly Chicken Chicken breast sliced in half to make a ‘butterfly’ cooked in a griddle pan, peas and home made chips (chopped potato with fry light) or a jacket potato. Pasta Pasta with sweetcorn mixed in. I’ve also started making delicious smoothies. My favourite being made of raspberries, strawberries, mango, pineapple and apple juice.

Since changing my diet I’ve noticed I have not felt as unwell. I’ve also not been completely bloated and felt so sluggish like before. I’ll still have the occasional junk food item but definitely not greasy meals. There was one day I did eat greasy food – my birthday – and I felt so ill I thought I was actually going to be sick. I think my body just likes to reject unhealthy, fatty food completely.

Does your body reject unhealthy food?
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