My Year, 2014

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2014 was a very busy year for me, I did so much and it went so fast. Every month was jam packed and near the end of the year I found no time at all to be bored. Overall I think it’s been quite a good year and I feel my blog has improved this year, however there is certainly still room for improvement and that is my 2015 plan!


On the 21st of January, I turned 18 and that weekend I had an 18th party! I don’t feel like this is a huge milestone even though it is – you don’t change overnight and I definitely didn’t feel any different.


I don’t think much happened in February that was very life changing or eventful. I just remember being horrendously ill for the first time in ages, that’s not a good memory at all! I also went on my first night out in February.


In March I went to my first ever blogger meet up. I was so nervous but I met a fair few lovely people from it so I was happy I went! It was lovely to meet so many people that enjoyed doing the same thing as me and bonding over shopping of course!


April was quite an exciting month. I took my Mom to see Gary Barlow at the LG Arena on the 8th and was back there on the 11th seeing Justin Timberlake perform! They were both amazing performers and I absolutely loved seeing them both. I also uploaded my first fashion post in April and got quite a lot of good feedback, this is why I hope to make my blog more fashion orientated as it interests me a lot more and everyone else enjoys it too.


In May, I went to see McBusted, who were absolutely amazing and I’m going to see them again this year. I’m so excited. The rest of the month was mostly revising and doing my exams, certainly not a fun part of the year.


June was filled with exams and was not fun! My exams finished this month though.


This month I went to Wireless Festival, which was really good. I got to see a fair few artists, one of my favourites being Pharell, especially when he did old N*E*R*D songs! I also took my first trip with my friends to London. We went to quite a few places in one day and we were all exhausted by the end of it. I had my first smoothie from Boost on Oxford St which was beautiful. I¬†went to Whitby with my brother for a few days and it was quite nice to be right by the beach, although I think I did get a bit of sunstroke as I burnt a lot and I felt really ill by the end of it! I also started watching Game of Thrones which was amazing! The biggest achievement of July was organising my first blogger meet! I didn’t realise how stressful trying to sort out goody bags would be haha.


This was quite a busy month! I went to Summer in the City this month and it was amazing. Me and Chloe met the SacconeJoly’s who were the loveliest people and Lily & Anna. All of them were so nice and exactly the same as they are on their videos, which is absolutely lovely. After that was my A-Level Results Day which was probably the worst day of the whole year for me. The gutting feeling that you’ve worked so hard and not got the grades you needed for university is awful, I definitely cried a lot. I had my nails done for the first ever time in August, by Rosie and they were the greatest. I loved having Game of Thrones nails! During the end of the month, I headed to Newquay for a little holiday. We went to my favourite beach, Hayle and that made me so happy, I hadn’t been since I was 6! Other than the Cider farm, that was amazing although it did feel weird as if we were doing drinking games with strangers…


I started a new college this month and moved over from A-Levels to an interest. I decided as I couldn’t find a full time job I needed to do something with my time, that’s when I thought, beauty. It could be useful someday and I’m interested in it. I definitely wouldn’t choose it as a career though, it’s just not for me.


This was probably the busiest month other than August. I went to Sheffield to visit Alice at university and we went out, it was so much fun! I also had my first interview in two years this month. I thought it went so badly so I was very surprised when I was offered the job! I was so happy and shocked. I started the job in October too and it is literally my favourite place. When I was younger, I never thought I’d enjoy work but I work with a bunch of lovely people and do such a nice job, I love it. I decided to chop my hair from my waist to my shoulders this month, in all honesty I’d seen a photo of Lauren Conrad with short hair on the day I got it cut and that’s why I decided to go for it. I also went to two blogger events, FABB and Costa Bingo which were both lovely and so fun.


I went to see Rise Against this month and Emily’s Army supported them. I met them again and they even stood with us when Rise Against were on, they’re such lovely guys! I also went to see Paloma Faith who was absolutely amazing as per usual, I’d love to see her again. S Club 7 announced they were touring and it was the most exciting moment of my year, I cried so much when they split up. I went to London with my Mom and we went to the Tower of London to see the poppies, they also played the Last Post which is emotional! I went to two blogger events this month also. The first was the Smiggle event which was rather good and I can never forget the scented pencils. The last was #bhmbloggermeet which was absolutely amazing and I had the best time.


I went to the Clothes Show this month and picked up my Sensationail bargain which was a highlight. I went to my first works meal which was lovely, getting to know everyone I work with. I went to the German Market a fair few times this month, which was cold but lovely. I visited Alice in Sheffield again which was fun and a break I really needed. Right near the end of the year I was asked if I’d like to become a permanent employee at my workplace and of course I said yes! I love it there so much and I’m over the moon that they wanted to keep me.

I have a lot of plans for 2015. The first is to be more proud of my blog, which means rethinking the content and improving the quality of writing and photos I put on my posts. I think trying to post three days in a week when I have work three days and college four days is unrealistic so I’m condensing this down to two days a week, Monday and Thursday. I’m hoping to make my blog more fashion orientated so let me know what you’d like to see. Other plans of mine are to do more and waste less time. In 2014, I hardly went out anywhere and I’d love to change that in 2015. In September, I’m hopefully starting my access course to get me onto the path I need to be on for next September – exciting!

Happy New Year!

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