2015 Goals

in lifestyle, January 5, 2015

We all think of goals we’d like to achieve within a year and I prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions, I feel like if I call them resolutions I definitely won’t do them! I have quite a few goals for this year, I think most of them are achievable within a year or at least I hope they are.

Driving Lessons

This is one I’d really love to achieve this year. I have two main aims to do with driving lessons. The first is to save up all the money I need for driving lessons, so I don’t have to start and stop all the time. The next is to begin driving lessons because hopefully I’ll have saved up enough money to begin them. The big goal within this is that I’ll actually pass between now and the 31st December 2015! I doubt that’s achievable, but if it happened I’d be very proud of myself.

Pass Beauty Course

This is fairly achievable, I just need to pass all my assessments in time. At the moment I haven’t passed many because I haven’t tried to, but by June I should have passed them all and passed the whole course!

Apply to University

This is one of my biggest goals of the year. I’m beginning my access course in September which I’m ever so excited to start, because it will hopefully get me on track to university. I’m going to start writing my personal statement as soon as college finishes this June, so I’m ready to apply for the deadline of my course, October half term!

Enjoy life, be more positive

I don’t know if it’s very clear on my blog but I tend to be quite a negative person, I don’t see the good side to most things. This year I’d love that to change and be more positive about everything, even negative situations. That would also include smiling more!

Stay Organised

I’m fairly organised anyway, but when I get too busy I tend to let my organisation slip away. I’m hoping to keep organised for the whole of the year. I now have two diaries and a weekly planner so I should keep organised. I also have all of the blogger chats scheduled into the calendar on my phone, which is really handy and will help me to join in more.

Be proud of my blog!

This is one of my biggest goals. My blog has been going for a year and a half now, I have had many downs and quite a few ups with this little blog. I haven’t felt very proud of it and that’s why I don’t really show it to anyone! I’m hoping this year for Beautrina to grow and make it into the blog I want it to be, but most of all be proud of it.

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