Christmas Gift Guide 2014 #2 – What to get HIM

1. Givenchy Play Sport

Just as us girls love to receive perfume as a gift for Christmas, guys love a nice aftershave that’ll leave them smelling lovely! This Givenchy aftershave smells SO good, my boyfriend had a sample of it two years ago and I can still remember how amazing it smelt. If I was choosing an aftershave to buy for him, I’d definitely go for this one!

2. Creative Aurvana Live Headphones

I have based quite a few bits of this gift guide on what I’d buy my boyfriend. If a man in your life loves music, like my boyfriend does, these headphones are perfect. They’re such good quality and so much cheaper than lesser quality Beats headphones! My boyfriend loves to create music and listen to music, so I think he’d love a pair of these for Christmas.

3. Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook

The perfect notebook for any man, whether they’re writing down lists, lyrics or planning a novel. It’s pocket sized so will fit right in their pocket (or bag) and they can go about their day knowing that they can write down anything they need to that pops into their head.

4. Thorntons Christmas Gift Collection for Him

Everyone loves getting chocolate for Christmas, Thorntons chocolate being one of the best options. It is delicious and affordable. This gift collection has a bit of everything in there, so it’s definitely guaranteed to satisfy a sweet tooth!

5. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

You can’t go wrong with a bit of Star Wars and a bottle opener. Combine the two and you’ve got the perfect little gadget. This amazes me because it isn’t just a boring old bottle opener and hopefully, if you bought it for someone as a gift, they’d appreciate it every single time they used it to open up a bottle.

6. Mitchells & Butlers Gift Card

I think a gift card for a pub/carvery is a really good idea to give to the men in your life. I chose Mitchells & Butlers as most pubs and carvery’s by me are Mitchells & Butlers, but also because the food is so good! This is a great gift because then you can do something together, it’s like a promise that you’ll go out sometime in the New Year, even though everyone has no money left over after Christmas.

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