1. Links of London Charm Bracelet

I think charm bracelets are such a lovely gift, as you can add to them for years to come. Ryan bought me this exact charm bracelet in 2012 and it is my favourite gift ever. I can add to it by buying charms for special occasions, or asking for charms for Christmas. You could give this to your Mom, Nan, girlfriend or wife and they’d appreciate it so much! I literally cried when I opened mine.

2. Patent Red Compact Filofax

I think a Filofax is a perfect gift for someone that loves to be organised, as it shows you pay attention to the fact they are so organised, and appreciate it! This red one is gorgeous, I’d love this myself actually. Whether somebody needs organisation for their workplace or at home, this is the perfect gift, as for years to come you can buy them the next years inserts.

3. Pyjamas

Who doesn’t love opening a pair of pyjamas on Christmas morning! I certainly do, something to snuggle into after that filling Christmas dinner. These pyjamas from Next are perfect as they are to do with Christmas and Winter but aren’t that Christmassy, so you can get away with wearing them for the rest of the year!

4. Hotel Chocolat The Everything Collection

You have to get chocolate for Christmas, it’s an unwritten rule. I loved the look of this little hamper of chocolates, you literally do get a little bit of everything! There’s drinking chocolate, chocolate puddles and even some nano slabs of classic Hotel Chocolat flavours thrown in there.

5. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Something I love to receive at Christmas, perfume. I know everyone loves the Marc Jacobs perfumes and I’ve personally never owned one myself, but I have smelt them and boy, do they smell gorgeous. This is my favourite one of them all and I can see other people loving it too.

6. Debenhams Gift Card

For the person who you don’t know what to buy them, but you know where they love to shop. Department store gift cards are perfect as people can buy new things for their home, clothes, perfume, make up, anything they want!

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