Christmas Memories

Ever since I can remember, I have loved Christmas so much and been forever excited about it all year round. It’s never really even the presents I’m super excited for, it’s the Christmas feeling you get! My first memory of Christmas is probably when I was at Nursery (see photo above)! I was an angel in the nativity play and I remember it really clearly. I also remember meeting Santa and the Christmas party we had. I can still remember opening one of my Christmas presents extra clearly. It was Christmas Day 2000 and I opened a present containing S Club 7’s album ‘7’. It’s still one of my favourite presents and I was so happy with it!

When I was smaller and decorating the tree, the best feeling ever was being picked up to put the angel on the top of the tree. Also when we used to decorate the tree, me, my Mom and Dad would dance around to Christmas music playing from our many records! Yes, records, I don’t think we owned a Christmas CD until about 2002…but records make me all the more nostalgic.

Every year at school, Christmas was built up to. With Christmas assemblies and plays, it was amazing. Another of my favourite memories was helping to decorate the Christmas tree in primary school, it felt like such a grown up job. The Christmas plays I danced in were also exciting!

What are your favourite Christmas memories?

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