Christmas Eve Traditions

On Christmas Eve, I think we all have certain traditions we follow. I have a few little traditions that I follow each year, even if they’re only small. I always wear a Santa hat the whole of Christmas Eve. I know they make your head all hot and itchy but they’re fun! My Christmas jumper is also worn a fair bit on Christmas Eve, because why not?! I’m usually sorting out the last bits for Christmas Day on Christmas Eve, for example giving people their presents. That includes seeing my boyfriend Ryan and swapping each others presents, which is the most exciting part of the day, we take Christmassy photos and watch Christmas films. Another Christmas tradition of mine is opening up the glass bottles of Coke, it tastes so much better in a glass bottle and it reminds me of Christmas. The past few years I’ve also baked gingerbread or cookies on Christmas eve. This year I decided to pass on that as I don’t finish work until 9 and baking after then would be a bit silly the night before Christmas.

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

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