Christmas Card Writing

The first thing I do that is Christmassy after buying my cards is writing them. I put so much effort into this, I wait to write my cards all year so why not?! This year I bought my Christmas cards from Paperchase (what a surprise) and I think they’re beautiful! My favourite pack is the photographic woman one, I think they’re so vintage and 50’s and classic, I could imagine these being sent years ago and I absolutely love that. They’re so classy! I love the cute pug cards as well, if I were receiving one of these cards I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at it. The tube map cards are so quirky, I love the renaming of the stations, my favourite being Silent Knightsbridge.

I love to write my cards in glittery gel pens if possible and I was given some by Smiggle in my goody bag from their event I attended. So now I can do that without having to buy any more! It just adds a more festive feel to the Christmas cards and everyone you give one to notices. The only thing I would say is if you do this leave your card open a while, otherwise it’ll probably smudge!

I also love to decorate the envelopes, I go a bit overboard with this. I often draw a Christmas tree on the envelope next to the person’s name. Then I turn the envelope over and on the flap ‘bit’ (I don’t know what else to call it) I use my stamp that I got for free from Vistaprint, then it just adds my personal touch to the card. Then to seal the card, I use a wrap seal. This saves licking all those envelopes and also shows you’ve put a bit more effort in.


How do you write your Christmas cards?

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