Christmas Baking

in christmas, food, December 23, 2014

Earlier this month I spotted some amazing cookie cutters in Paperchase. They cut on the outside, and imprint the cookie in the middle which I think is amazing. I decided with these I’d make some biscuits, possibly as presents depending on how well they turned out! I used an old Bero recipe book and their recipe for biscuits to make them. I originally wanted to decorate them with white icing and silver balls but due to Christmas being so close I couldn’t find any.

The cutters didn’t cut amazingly – I think the designs may have been too intricate and I’m now wishing I’d bought the other Paperchase cutters which were next to these! However they were certainly yummy and they were really easy to make. I was surprised I could find this recipe on the internet, so if you’d like to use it here it is. I can’t wait to give these out as presents.

Do you enjoy Christmas baking?

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