Vera Wang Princess

in beauty, November 19, 2014

Vera Wang Princess 100ml – £24.99 (!)

My favourite fragrance of all time. This has been my favourite perfume since 2010, since Ryan first bought me a bottle for Christmas. He’s bought me a bottle nearly every year since then, with last years bottle being a huge 100ml! That was so exciting as I’d never owned a perfume so huge before. Normally the 30ml bottles last me about 6 months but this bottle is still going nearly a year later.

One of the main points about this perfume that I loved was the design. I absolutely love the heart shaped bottle and the crown as the lid. You can even wear the ring shaped part of the lid as a ring, I haven’t personally done this because I prefer it being on my bottle so I don’t lose it and the lid attaches properly. It’s such a feminine and girly design, it certainly feels like a perfume fit for a princess.

The fragrance itself is beautiful, I’ve never smelt anything better. It is a floral fragrance, which I’m not usually fond of. The Perfume Shop website says the heart note is pink guava, the top note is waterlily and the base note is chiffon vanilla. I can definitely smell the vanilla in there and I think that’s what originally drew me to this fragrance. Every time I put this perfume on it reminds me of winter and Christmas because that’s when I tend to wear it most, even though I’d say it is more of a summery fragrance.

Do you own this perfume? Do you love it?!

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