October Favourites

in favourites, hair, November 2, 2014

Sorry I don’t have a Halloween themed post for you today, it’s just that I never do anything for Halloween really! You’ll just have to cope with my favourites throughout October. The first thing I have been loving in October is my PS4. I’ve had it for quite a while, but I co-owned it with Ryan, who bought his own at the beginning of September! Now it means we can play PS4 together without even having to be in the same house, which is great! The games I have been loving on the PS4 are Destiny and Singstar. I know that’s an odd mix…but I enjoy aspects of both. Another favourite of mine this month has to be the Pantene Pro-V Intensive Colour Damage Rescue Mask. My hair gets extra knotty and dry during the winter season, and popping this on after my conditioner is a dream, it takes two minutes which is barely any time at all. My last favourite this month has to be the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash. My hair is the knottiest thing possible, and it takes me ages to brush it when I’m out the shower, so I’ve been using this when my conditioners on and brushing my conditioner through my hair makes it silky smooth and I literally can’t stop stroking it!

What are your October favourites?

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