Catwalk Quad Eyeshadow* – Goddess Rocks* – Dew Pots* – Satin Lip Cream* – Flawless Cream Foundation* – Shimmer Stack* – Arch Angel* – Lash Attack Mascara*

When I attended FABB Birmingham last month, little did I know just how many goodies we’d be walking away with. MeMeMe Cosmetics gave me such a generous goody bag, filled with practically a full face worth of make up and I knew I’d have so much fun testing it out. In the goody bag, I received two of their quad baked eye shadows, cream eye shadow, bronzing rocks, lip cream, foundation, shimmer stack, brow gel & highlight and finally their ‘Lash Attack’ mascara.

First of all, the face products. I think the Flawless Cream Foundation has quite a MAC feel to it, I think it feels very much like a MAC foundation when you apply it, however it doesn’t have that funny paint smell to it like a MAC foundation. It actually wears quite well with a primer underneath, I don’t usually find that cheaper foundations wear well but this one does. It contains SPF, which is always good to protect your skin from nasties in the air. There are four colours available: Porcelain Pure, Honey Lush, Beige Blush and Golden Glow. I would say the colour range is slightly disappointing but hopefully will be expanded in the future. At £12.50 it retails slightly higher than most drugstore foundations but I think that extra bit is worth it. The Shimmer Stack is my personal favourite. I was given the Gold shade, which I’ve found is beautiful for pale skin like mine as a gorgeous highlighter for cheekbones and under the eyebrow. This is the best highlighter I’ve tried so far and it feels so luxurious when you’re applying it. The packaging is also amazing as it won’t just open alone randomly in your bag, as you have to push in for it to open. I could say this is a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but as I’ve never owned that, I can’t really say! At £9.25 anyway, it’s a much cheaper luxurious alternative. The last face product is Goddess Rocks. These felt so silky smooth I was stroking them for ages – I promise I’m not weird haha! These make such a lovely bronzed look on my face, especially used as contour for a more glowy effect. This retails at £12.

I’m rather impressed with the eye products. The quad eye shadows are well pigmented, and apply smoothly onto the lids. They are £6.50, which I think is quite a lot for the size, but you do get 4 eye shadows for that. I love the ‘Dew Pots’ which I have in twilight bliss, a gorgeous lilac colour. It’s so creamy, I use it as an eye shadow base or alone, it is absolutely beautiful on the eyes. The mascara is a good mascara for the price, and the brush applies evenly which is always a bonus. My lashes look longer with this mascara, I wish it curled them more.

The lip cream feels very expensive. The smell is the classic high-end vanilla smell that both Illamasqua and MAC use. The eyebrow gel and highlight isn’t exactly what I was expecting, After using Gimme Brow, the brushes on other eyebrow gels seem huge when you’re only covering your eyebrows. It works quite well though, and I love the highlight as it has quite a small doe foot applicator which makes it easy to apply.

I think the whole of the MeMeMe Cosmetics range have a very high-end feel to them, the packaging is lovely and matte. The products inside are also of very high quality, making this brand a go-to brand now for me.

Have you ever tried MeMeMe Cosmetics?

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