The Library of Fragrance: Caramel

The Library of Fragrance Caramel* – £15

Ever since April, I have been taking part in research for The Library of Fragrance. This research included pricing, fragrances and everything you can think of! It was announced that The Library of Fragrance’s sprays were heading into Boots and I was so excited. 30 of the 100 fragrances are in Boots and the rest are on The Library of Fragrance website.

There were so many fragrances I was intrigued to smell but the Caramel was certainly at the top of my list. I received the little parcel in the post, and immediately ripped it open, and sprayed the caramel scent into the air. WARNING – do not do this when you are hungry. I literally felt like eating my room! This smells like molten caramel, like when you’re baking and you melt it on the hob. It is delicious and it definitely smells exactly like caramel. I’d love to see if all the other scents smell as realistic as this.

The longevity of this. Just wow. I sprayed it on a jumper I was wearing and also my skin – it stayed on my skin until I scrubbed at it in the shower and it stayed on my jumper until it was washed! Absolutely amazing for staying power, it would certainly last all day.

I love the packaging, I think it is intended to be displayed on your shelf or dressing table. If I had a few of The Library of Fragrance scents I could imagine myself putting them in alphabetical order and having a ‘Library’ of fragrances! I love the idea The Library of Fragrance had, and I am so pleased they’ve finally unleashed their fragrances on the UK. I think they are amazing contenders for Christmas presents this year!

One of the ideas of The Library of Fragrance’s is to blend two or more scents together to make a bespoke scent. I think the Caramel fragrance would go well with some of the other fragrances, such as Vanilla Ice Cream, Salt Air & Dark Chocolate.

Have you tried any of The Library of Fragrance scents? Are you intrigued?

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