My Favourite Christmas Memories

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I don’t know where my complete love and obsession with Christmas came from, I just remember it always being with me. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I think it’s absolutely magical. My Christmas experiences have been the same most years, and my excitement for Christmas still hasn’t dulled even though I’m now an ‘adult’.

I can remember ever since I was little the build up to Christmas. I loved decorating the tree with my whole family, while dancing around to Christmas songs playing on the record player. From when the tree was up, that was when it really felt like Christmas. I love going to visit all of my family, or them coming to visit us before Christmas to exchange gifts, enjoy mince pies or a pre Christmas roast dinner.

My Nan used to stay at our house for the whole Christmas period, and every Christmas morning she’d tell me she had heard Santa on the roof in the middle of the night – you can imagine my excitement as a child! I would be so excited and want everyone to get out of bed and come downstairs to see what Santa had brought. Once we were downstairs, a tradition of ours was for the Christmas chocolate biscuits to come out whilst my Mom was putting the turkey in the oven before we opened our presents. We all had our specific places to sit in the living room when we opened our presents, where everyone’s piles would be moved to in the morning. After opening presents, waiting for dinner I remember playing with my new toys and being so excited for the food. I love roast dinners, they are my favourite, and getting a huge one on Christmas Day has to be the best! I’d eat all my dinner then be excited for my Vienetta for pudding. After clearing the table, we almost always watched a Christmas film, which I remember being Little Women or Miracle on 34th Street, two of my favourites.

I love Christmas traditions and I can’t possibly see a time where Christmas won’t be the most exciting thing for me.

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What are your favourite Christmas memories?

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