Flamingo Dress

in fashion, style, October 12, 2014

Dress – Jennifer Lilly Designs

Shoes – Next

I feel ever so bad doing a fashion post when nothing included is available to buy, I’m sorry! I picked this dress up from the Clothes Show Live at the NEC back in 2012. It caught my eye in the Jennifer Lilly stall, and I stood there basically hinting to my Mom. She kindly bought it for me, and I hardly wore it in that first year, but this year I have been wearing it a fair bit. It’s a lovely dress to just throw on and go out in, it looks perfectly summery and I love how patterned it is. I also love it because Flamingoes are one of my favourite animals. Another thing I absolutely love about this dress is the fact that there aren’t that many in the world due to them being handmade, which means you won’t have any of those awkward moments wearing the same dress as somebody else. On those chilly summer evenings I would throw my denim jacket on over this, which makes the dress pop even more.

Do you love animal clothing?

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