This product has been a love of mine for around a year now, but yet only about a month ago I finally bought the full size. I mean, what was the point when I had loads of sample sizes and they last for ages! I caved and bought this after an eyebrow wax at Benefit after having my make up done, it gave me an excuse to buy it.

Because I have combination skin, I suffer with large pores on my nose and across my cheeks. When this claimed it would minimise the look of pores, I thought ‘yeah right!’. How wrong I was. It genuinely does minimise the look of pores, so much so, that I can wear this just with powder and feel completely comfortable about my skin. My pores are one of the main reasons I wear foundation. I use this alongside my MAC Prep & Prime Skin, I only use this on my nose and cheeks where I feel I have the most problems with oil and my pores. With The Porefessional on my nose, I’ve noticed make up stays a lot longer whereas it would normally fall off quite early on in the day. I love the feel of it on my skin, it provides such a smooth base for make up.

The packaging of all Benefit products look lovely, this is in quite a long squeezy tube and I think it’s well worth the money. You only use the tiniest amount of product each time, so you can tell it’s going to last you quite a fair amount of time. I can see why this is a beauty product widely loved in the blogging community, I don’t always believe the hype but this has definitely lived up to the hype that has surrounded it for so long!

Have you tried The Porefessional? What did you think?

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