Before using Crest Whitestrips

My teeth are discoloured mostly due to the fact I drink Pepsi Max every single day. Really not good for your teeth, I’ve been told to stop by my dentist many times but if you like something that doesn’t harm your health as such why should you have to stop?! Eventually I decided enough was enough and got fed up of talking to people with my mouth nearly closed as I felt so self concious about my teeth. I bought my Crest Whitestrips off eBay, around the £20 mark. Make sure to check the feedback, you don’t want to be buying any dodgy knock offs – certainly don’t buy them from sellers from Hong Kong!

Day 1 (Sunday 17th): I wasn’t really sure what to expect the first time using these. My instant thoughts when I first put them in was wow, these are really uncomfortable! Part of my instructions had rubbed off saying ‘align with gum line’ and I had unfortunately stuck them over my gums, pretty painful. One of my teeth was aching so badly. I sat there for the whole 30 minutes with tissue under my mouth as due to the strips there was that much saliva. (Eugh!) After I took them off I felt so relieved but knew I’d have 9 more days of uncomfortable half an hours. A lot of discomfort and pain today.

Day 2 (Monday 18th): Today was better, I popped the strips on and waited the 30 minutes without frothing at the mouth haha. It was probably because I distracted myself from the strips by watching the SacconeJoly’s and learnt from my faux pas of yesterday sticking them on my gums and moved them down to where my teeth actually start. No pain or discomfort today.

Day 3 (Tuesday 19th): I didn’t really notice anything today except the fact I wanted to go to sleep, the 30 minutes went pretty quickly. No pain or discomfort today.

Day 4 (Wednesday 20th): I thought I was too tired to put the whitening strips on tonight but I did anyway so I’d only have to use them for 4 nights on holiday rather than 5/6. There was a bit of extra saliva but nothing quite a few tissues couldn’t handle. I had no pain, just uncomfortable.

Day 5 (Thursday 21st) : Today was pretty uncomfortable again but only because I also have a sore throat so I felt like my mouth was trying to kill me by being in that much pain. Also I stuck the bottom strip a bit funny and it was a bit like when you’ve stuck sellotape together, except it was flapping around in my mouth. I took them off and felt my teeth were a lot whiter than when I started, making me want to carry on even more. No pain today, just uncomfortable.

Day 6 (Friday 22nd): Tonight I really couldn’t be bothered to put the white strips on because I knew how early I had to wake up the next morning. However, I still did as I wanted my teeth whiter faster! I didn’t really notice they were on, I just couldn’t wait to take them off! No pain or discomfort today.

Day 7, 8, 9 & 10 (Sat 23rd, Sun 24th, Mon 25th, Tues 26th): I was on holiday on the last 4 days of my white strips, so I just put them on before going to bed and didn’t really notice them. No pain or discomfort, just glad to have finished them for now!

After using Crest Whitestrips

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results. You are meant to use 20 days worth of strips to get the full effect claimed by Crest, but it was cheaper to just get 10! I might use another 10 later in the year, to see how much whiter they will make my teeth. I think the Crest Whitestrips were so effective for me as I used them every single day, I switched my toothpaste to Oral B 3D White and also stopped drinking Pepsi at home, only drinking it out through a straw. I’ve switched to drinking blackcurrant squash religiously, and I’ve found that doesn’t stain my teeth. One thing I’m making sure of is if I eat any foods that could stain my teeth to brush or rinse them afterwards. I now feel more confident smiling and not talking muffled speech to people because I don’t want them to see my teeth. They’re still not perfect and there’s still a bit of staining around the tops of my teeth, but in person I can see so much of a difference compared to before. Everyone has been telling me how much whiter my teeth look, so that’s a bonus!

Have you tried Crest Whitestrips? Did you find them to be effective?

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