Yes, indeed a picture heavy post for some, I minimised the amount of photos I wanted to use for this post to 7 out of 800. Whilst on holiday I love taking mass amounts of photos, which wasn’t always possible! Now I have my Canon 600D it is, and it kind of ┬átakes me back to when I used to go on holiday when I was little, lugging around my Mom’s ‘heavy’ Canon SLR and being limited to the amount of photos I could take. Film was/is expensive! I’ve loved photography since I was little basically, and going on holiday is the perfect excuse to crack the camera out and take photos of anything and everything.

We (Ryan, his family and me) headed towards Newquay on early Saturday morning (23rd August) and as always I was excited, I love long car journeys! I went to sleep most of the way, with my headphones all down my face, lovely image! When we arrived at Hendra, we had a look around then went for a drink in one of the bars before chilling back at the caravan. On the Sunday, we headed to Crealy, it was funny to watch my boyfriend and his brothers on all the rides and slides! It was a really cold day and one of the parts I most enjoyed was seeing all the cute little animals inside. On the Monday, we just went swimming in the Oasis Fun Pools as the weather was terrible! It was raining and freezing for the majority of the day and it was nice to get into the warm bits of the pool. The weather did cheer up a bit and we were going to go into the outside pool but I put my foot in…it was freezing! On Tuesday, we went to Healey’s Cyder Farm. I loved seeing how cider was made as it’s one of my favourite drinks. Me and Ryan were quite happy with the tasting session, which basically felt like a drinking game with strangers haha! We went on a little tractor ride there and got to see the orchards, which was lovely. I then spent time in the gift shop picking up many bottles of Rattler. On Wednesday, me and Ryan headed into Newquay and the weather was really bad. We were freezing and walking up hills in the rain, it really wasn’t fun! But we had a nice time out anyway and after walking around we had some chips then went on our walk back up the hills in the rain!

Thursday was my absolutely favourite day of the holiday. We all headed to Land’s End, which is a very beautiful place. We took loads of photos, walked along the hills, bought some overpriced chips and doughnuts. It was so windy but I already knew this which is why I tied my hair into a tight bun, luckily! It was fun having a walk around and seeing such lovely sights. Then we got in the car, and on the way back we went to Hayle Beach. My favourite place ever. At least my favourite beach. I remember coming here when I was little, and I was as excited as I was when I was little. That’s where the photo on the rocks above was taken! I obviously went for a paddle in the sea, because who goes to a beach to not paddle at least?! On Friday, we went to Newquay Zoo, and it was awful weather again. Cold and rainy! I’d been to this zoo before, but now they have penguins, my favourite and I was so excited. One of them got so close to me! It was lovely seeing all the cute and massive animals.

However, on Saturday it was time to leave. The weather had perked up a bit, and we went back to Crealy with our 7 day pass thing! We stayed for quite a while and again I found it funny taking photos of everyone on the rides and slides. Then we left to be on our journey home. I had a lovely holiday, it would’ve been made amazing if the weather was good but we made the most of it!

Have you been to any of these places?

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