Nanshy Masterful Collection

I am a brush addict and I am slowly but surely running out of space for all of my make up brushes. However, this collection has caught my eye. Nanshy kindly sent me a sample of the new Blending brush* from the Masterful Collection, and I can safely say this is one of the softest brushes I’ve felt! It blends eyeshadow so well, and I’d say the quality is certainly on par with my MAC 217 brush. The brushes are made of synthetic hair which makes them super soft, and they are also cruelty free which is a great bonus.

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For the first time, Nanshy brushes are available in a choice of colours, either Onyx Black or Pearlescent White. I personally have my eye on the Onyx Black brushes! The Masterful Collection includes the following brushes: Powder, Blush, Stippling, Contouring, Foundation, Blending, Crease, Shader, Angled Detailer, Pencil, Liner and Lip. You can find more out about the collection and each brush here. This collection has every brush you need, with the quality of high end brushes and the price of drugstore, you can’t argue that’s a good deal.

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