I was really happy to receive this lipstick in my Glamour Latest in Beauty Box, I love a good nude lipstick but I find it so hard to find one that suits me. I have quite dark lips already so light nudes just look odd on my lips, I just can’t make them work. Luckily this is a darkish nude so it suits my lips perfectly, and also my pale complexion.

Now for the smell. I know exactly what this smells like…an original Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. I know that may sound a bit strange but it genuinely does. After I swatched it I sat there sniffing for a good while. Mmm. If you like doughnuts, I think that could certainly make you buy this whether you wanted to or not!

The packaging is very simple, and that’s why I like it. You can tell it is a high end product, in the glossy black packaging. You can also tell it’s Illamasqua and unique with the shape of the packaging, being an indented rectangular shape. The formula of the lipstick is lovely. When you apply it, it feels creamy and luxurious. It has a satin finish, and is extremely pigmented, so you don’t need to go over your lips more than once unless you want to. I found this lipstick stayed on for hours – and I only had to reapply after I had eaten for a second time since applying it. I think this will certainly be my go-to nude from now on.

What do you think of Illamasqua lipsticks? Is this the perfect nude?

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