Wonderbra B&B Versailles

Ultimate Strapless Versailles* – £35

Versailles Shortie* – £15

Is this not just the most beautiful lingerie you have ever seen? When asked if I wanted to try out a set from Wonderbra’s Basso & Brooke collection I practically screamed inside – I had seen the collection and it was so incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful for being sent this lingerie set!

This is Wonderbra’s first ever fashion designer collaboration and I’m so glad they did a collaboration with Basso & Brooke. This is the most gorgeous set of underwear I’ve ever owned. Wonderbra is one of my favourite underwear brands due to the fact you can rely on the fact their bras and underwear are going to be of amazing quality.

I already own a plain black Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra, so I knew how amazing this Versailles Basso & Brooke bra was going to be. The Ultimate Strapless style of Wonderbra is the most amazing strapless bra you will ever get your hands on. It actually stays up and keeps everything in place unlike regular strapless bras! I even put this to the test by dancing, jumping and doing star jumps in it, and it was still in place. The amazing thing about the Ultimate Strapless is that it has unique hand support, it literally feels like you’re holding yourself in place, and it looks like there are hands in the cups! The bra fits so well and it barely feels like you’re wearing a bra because it’s so comfortable.

The ‘shortie’ underwear that matches the bra is so comfortable and I really think they’d compliment any shape. I love how the front panel matches the front of the bra, and the sides and back are the same mesh material the back of the bra is made out of. The mesh material is also beautifully printed with a Versailles style print, rather than being left plain like on other less luxurious brand’s underwear.

I love this underwear so much that I wish I could wear it over my clothes, it’s too pretty to hide away. I’ll have to find something to wear that shows the bra off subtly! Until then, I’ll just have amazing matching underwear days and know I’m wearing beautiful underwear!

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