Visiting London!

Last week, me and three of my friends headed to London for a day trip. It was amazing weather, so sunny and hot! Not the ideal situation to be stuck on public transport, but who’s going to complain about the sun?! We went to Oxford Street first, I was trying not to spend much money so didn’t shop much. I just bought a mini hand fan (that didn’t work…) and a Berry Crush from Boost Juice Bar, which was absolutely delicious, but I am such a slow drinker I couldn’t finish it. I may have also popped into Kiko and bought one of their eyeshadow sticks, oops!

We then went to Leicester Square. I got on the tube on my own due to it leaving without me, pretty ironic since two minutes later I said ‘I would never get the tube alone’. We went into M&M World which I thought was pretty good but overpriced – I paid £4+ for that bag of M&M’s above, some people were paying £10+, madness! We also went to a Wetherspoons type place here to chill out of the way of the sun!

We then got on the tube to Westminster. I took a selfie with Big Ben, and the London Eye as you do! Then we walked to St James Park. I got a Flake 99 while we were there, even more delicious as it was so hot and I hadn’t had one in years! We walked towards Buckingham Palace (again selfie central) and watched the guards march about.

In the end we headed back to Euston for food before our train came, even though it was delayed a fair bit! We ran onto it when it finally arrived and relaxed on the journey home! Overall I had the most amazing day trip to London, it’s really nice to be able to spend some time with your friends doing something!

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