Summer in the City 2014

I shall pre-warn you this is a very photo heavy post! I hope you enjoy it! On Friday evening, me and Chloe headed to London ahead of the exciting weekend we were going to have. We bought our Summer in the City tickets last October, and I have been excited ever since that moment. On Saturday, there was a really long queue to get in, we got there at half 10 and didn’t get in until about half 12! We had planned to try and get to Zoe’s meet up but by the time we got in she’d already been meeting people for an hour. The first thing I saw when we stepped inside was the PlayStation stand, where they had Little Big Planet 3, DriveClub, SingStar and Just Dance to play. Me and Chloe, both owning a PS4 were eager to have a go on Little Big Planet 3 – so we did just that! After that, we decided to have a walk around the event, as we unfortunately couldn’t get tickets to meet Marcus and Alfie. We watched a bit of what was going on on the main stage, we also bumped into Lily, Anna and Chai who were all really lovely and willing to take a photo with us! Lily also complimented my camera – the Canon 600D really is a good camera to say the least. We then went back to the main stage, watched a bit of Emma Blackery’s panel, then we noticed the queue for the SacconeJoly’s…and immediately got into it. We waited 4 and a half hours to meet them, and finally around half 7 we met Jonathan and Anna. Anna looked absolutely stunning – which I was going to tell her but then when I spoke to both Anna and Jonathan everything I wanted to say just disappeared from my brain! They were the loveliest people, I even gave Anna my blog card and Jonathan joked about how it probably wasn’t for boys! The 4 and a half hour wait was worth it, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed with meeting them as they were SO nice! We even saw peeks of Emilia and Eduardo through the curtains and they’re so cute! Absolutely adorable. I absolutely love the SacconeJoly’s daily vlogs and main channel videos, and it’s absolutely amazing to have met them, I feel so lucky!

On Sunday, we headed back to Summer in the City but a bit later than when the doors opened. We got absolutely soaked in the rain which wasn’t fun! We planned to see the Vlogging and Long Form panels, but as they cleared the room in between we only got to see the Vlogging one, but that was interesting and amazing enough. On the Vlogging panel there was Jonathan, Anna, Louise, Cherry, Ro and David. It was so interesting to listen to everyones different perspectives on Vlogging and learn more about what to do if you want to start. A few things were outlined including how much vlogging improves your confidence, and can also cheer you up on a bad day instead of you sitting and moping around. It’s also very very important to just be yourself – as Louise said about if you’re putting on an act you won’t be able to keep it up! I think this is important too – I hate watching videos where I feel the person is putting it on for the camera. There is no need – just be yourself!

When leaving on Sunday, I caught a glimpse of Liam Dryden thanks to Chloe pointing him out. I was excited because this was the first YouTuber I ever watched – nearly 7 years ago! I would’ve loved to have gone up and spoken to him but he looked really busy on his walkie-talkie so I thought best not distract him.

I had an absolutely amazing weekend – I’m definitely looking forward to going along to Summer in the City next year. It was so much fun, and I hope the SacconeJoly’s go again! It’s so interesting to hear about their experiences with daily vlogging and they’re such lovely people. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many people that like doing what you like doing – hopefully soon I’ll feel confident enough to start my own YouTube channel.

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