20 Years of Wonderbra!

in fashion, July 11, 2014

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Wonderbra is one of the most iconic brands of the 21st Century and certainly the last two decades. Wonderbra’s ‘Hello Boys’ advert in 1994 was voted the most iconic of all time, and they didn’t stop there! Each new bra Wonderbra have brought out, they have had an amazing advertising campaign to go alongside it. In 2006, the Multiway bra was launched with 100 women modelling the bra 100 different ways. 2008 D to G range, 8,000 women’s cleavage was put onto a billboard, making up one of the images above. In 2009, the Ultimate Strapless bra was launched. I can personally vouch that this one is amazing, as I bought one last year. It is the only strapless bra I’ve ever owned that actually keeps everything in place and upheld! For my 18th through a night of dancing it worked amazingly, it has ‘hands’ in to keep you in place – they really work! In 2010 The Full Effect was launched with a 3D billboard. I think I remember seeing this one! This advertisement seems to show exactly what the bra does! In 2011 to launch the Ultimate Plunge,  there was a bungee jump. This year, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Wonderbra, they released their first designer collaboration with Basso & Brooke, all pieces are absolutely beautiful! I think Wonderbra is a completely innovative brand, and a household name (even amongst men!). I knew of Wonderbra before I even bought my first one! I can’t describe how much I rate this brand – if I had unlimited money all of my underwear would be Wonderbra, it truly is amazing and the quality is perfect. They have underwear to suit everyone, so no wonder the brand has been so successful this past 20 years. Happy 20th Anniversary Wonderbra!

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