W7 Full Time Lip Colour

Full Time Lip Colour in Soft Touch* – £3.95

Putting the longevity of a make up product to the test. There is nothing that pleases me more, especially when the claims on the packet actually work. The W7 Full Time Lip Colour claims to wear 24 hours, even though I’d never wear it that long on my lips to test that claim. I applied it at 6pm to my lips and swatched it on my hand, doing the layer of colour as it says to, then adding the lip gloss on top once dry. Both felt rather sticky I thought, however once dry the colour did not feel sticky, just the clear lip gloss. As you can see in the photo above, I swatched the colour then half overlapped the clear lip gloss on top. Where I put the clear gloss on top of the colour, the colour and lip gloss had disappeared by 9pm, leaving the side with just the colour on standing. This was still there after 24 hours, and I am an excessive hand washer. However, on my lips it stayed until about 11pm, but this was only round the edges, as I had eaten and drank between 6pm and 11pm. The stickiness of the gloss may have pulled the colour off. The idea and the formula works well to achieve a long lasting colour on the lips – I think 5 hours of wear is pretty good as it would certainly last you an evening! The colour ‘Soft Touch’ didn’t suit my skin tone but there are a range of colours available so I’m sure there are enough to suit everyone. Overall, I’m rather impressed with this product, the only downside is the sticky clear gloss.

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