I have a new found love for beauty books. I received these over Christmas and my birthday, and they are ever so useful. So updated from the Vogue books of my Mom’s (from the 80’s!) that I used to read – these have up to date beauty tips in. I love looking through all three if I can’t decide on a look before going somewhere and want to spiral away from my usual every day make up routine. The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art is the most amazing nail book I have read, it tells you how to do so many different nail looks that are up to date, one of my personal favourites are the ‘Pow!’ nails, they look old superhero-cartoon like. It also tells you at the beginning a general idea of what you will need to recreate the nail art looks. The Lauren Conrad Beauty book is so helpful with day to day beauty tips, and also includes hairstyles and make up looks you can easily recreate. This is an amazing book for beginners, as it gives step-by-step instructions on each aspect of make up. The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual I would say is for makeup addicts (like myself) as it tells you what is useful to carry around with you, have in your makeup drawers at home, and what to have in your kit. I have definitely taken all the things in these books into account and they are amazing reference books to pop on your beside or dressing table.

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