Revision Ideas

in lifestyle, May 11, 2014

As this is now my 4th year of exams, I like to think I’m okay at revising and know what helps me. I use a variety of techniques and thought I’d share them for any of you that have got exams coming up! Some of these tips I have also taken from this video by FleurDeForce, so make sure you go and watch that as it is super helpful!

The first thing I’ve done this year is organise all my class notes into expanding box files. This helps as you can separate them into sections, which you can then make smaller notes on yourself in something like a divided notebook. Divided notebooks are useful as you can make separate notes on separate topics and not get mixed up. Then if everything is split up into sections you can give yourself a couple of sections to do each day to make revision easier!

Then I like to make mind maps and revision cards as they can make information easier to look at. I create mind maps first using colourful felt tips, then I put the information in the mind map onto a revision card without condensing it too much. Instead of using separate cards like I did last year, I bought divided revision card books from WH Smith as I thought that would be easier than sticking a sticker on every single card, to show me what topic it was for!

Lastly make sure you don’t leave it a few days before the exam to revise. Most of the time it won’t work and you won’t get an amazing grade, especially now they’ve made exams harder!

I hope these were useful tips for you.

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