I Heart Perfume Tag

I saw Chloe post this tag so I thought I’d do it, I do love perfume!

1. What was the first perfume you ever purchased?
The first perfume I ever bought for myself was Britney Spears Believe whilst I was on holiday in Majorca, this wasn’t the first I had choice over and I think I only picked it because it was Britney’s new perfume. I didn’t even smell it until I got home!

2. What’s your signature perfume?
Vera Wang Princess is definitely my signature perfume, Ryan bought me my first bottle back in Christmas of 2010 and I have worn it to death ever since! He’s bought me a bottle ever Christmas bar one and last year he bought me an 100ml – so hopefully this one will last me a bit longer!

3. What’s your most recent perfume purchase?
Believe it or not I’ve only ever bought myself two bottles of perfume in my life – Britney Spears Believe in 2009 and DKNY Be Delicious in 2012. My latest perfume purchased for me was Britney Spears Radiance (noticing a theme here?) it was on the clearance aisle in Boots, and my mom bought it for me as she liked the smell of it too!

4. What perfume would you wear at night time/date night?
On a night out I usually reach for Givenchy Dahlia Noir which smells absolutely gorgeous, however on date nights I reach for Vera Wang Princess as Ryan has bought me every bottle and the scent reminds me of memories with him.

5. What’s your favourite Spring/Summer perfume?
I’m going to say DKNY Be Delicious even though it’s no longer in my collection, it’s a very summery fragrance.

6. What’s your favourite Autumn/Winter perfume?
I don’t really have a favourite for Autumn/Winter but I’ll say Vera Wang Princess again as I tend to receive it at Christmas time so it makes me think of Winter!

7. What’s your favourite scent category? (Fruity, Floral, Fresh, Oriental, Woody)
I’d say it would have to be floral or fruity, that tends to be the types of perfume I go after.

8. What perfume are you currently lusting after?
I borrowed my friends Viva La Juicy before a night out and wow I love the smell, now I’m certainly lusting after a bottle of that.

9. What fragrance/cologne do you like on your significant other?
I absolutely love Dolce and Gabanna The One for Men on Ryan, it smells absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could describe it better. You know when someone smells that good you just want to sniff them all over without being creepy and weird? Yeah, that!


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