Exciting Week!

This week has been amazingly busy, I never have any plans and then when I do they all come at once! On Tuesday, I took my Mom to see Gary Barlow at the LG Arena as I had bought her tickets for her birthday in December! She was really excited and glad that I’d taken her as she enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed it too to be honest, Eliza Doolittle was the support act and she is also one of my favourite singers so I was really excited to see her live again. The whole concert was great and funny, he is a really good singer and performer. He also got a woman called Hayley on the stage and she was hilarious. He performed some of his new songs, some Take That classics and even a Robbie Williams song! It was great.

Gary Barlow

Eliza Doolittle

On Friday night, I was back at the LG Arena for Justin Timberlake, which I was super excited about! He was absolutely amazing, and I wish I could’ve seen him the second night too! He sang a mixture of songs, some from each of his albums and also some covers. That man can singgggg! One of my favourite male singers definitely.

On Saturday, I headed to the Clinique counter to find out what was wrong with my skin and got given some samples to try out, then headed to my friend’s to stay there. We had a hilarious night that involved dancing and then eventually involved screaming and spiders, that part was not good but still hilarious! Then after my severely late night, my and my Mom headed to my sister’s house for Sunday Lunch, as we¬†hadn’t seen her for quite a few months! Overall, I’ve had a really busy – but amazing week!



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