Deichmann Caroline Blomst Collab SS14

This collab comes from Caroline Blomst, a fellow blogger, and Deichmann, creating a gorgeous high street collection for us to feast our eyes upon! All shoes are designed with style and comfort in mind. The collection consists of two pairs of flat shoes, and five pairs of more classic heels. The price of the collection ranges from £17.99 to £27.99, which is extremely affordable for a beautiful pair of shoes.

Graphic Print Smoking Slipper, £17.99

I love the print on these shoes, and I am a huge fan of smoking slippers, as they are so comfortable! I would pair these shoes with some jeans, or a playsuit for a casual yet stylish look.

Pixel Print Sneaker, £22.99

Now, being completely honest I don’t normally think of wearing any shoes like this! However I love the print on these shoes and think they look so comfortable. I would probably wear these with a pair of jeans if I was having a lazy day walking around shops in town.

Pointed T-Bar Heel with Gold Stud Detail, £24.99

I love the gold studs on these heels, and that they’re not too high! Us girls will admit that sometimes we’d like a bit of a smaller heel, for more comfort. These shoes would be perfect for when you want to make a bit of an effort and not wear flats, and would go perfect with a tea dress or shift dress.

Pointed Multi-Strap Gothic Style Heel, £24.99

These gothic heels are absolutely gorgeous! With the multi straps, you would get comfort and support in the shoe. These would be perfect paired with a dress for a night out on the town with the girls!

Peep Toe Lace Shoe Boot with Ankle Strap, £27.99

These are absolutely gorgeous shoe boots, I love the lace detail. They would be perfect with any type of dress as they are so versatile and classic! They also have the support of the ankle strap, therefore keeping your feet comfortable.

Peep Toe Shoe Boot with Cut-Out Detail, £27.99

These are perfectly classic shoe boots, which you could wear with anything from jeans to a jumpsuit. The cut-out detail adds that extra edge against other shoe boots. The peep toe is also a nice way to show off your beautiful pedi while having the rest of your feet covered!


Peep Toe with Drop Side and Metallic Heel, £27.99

These are my personal favourite within the whole collection. I love the drop side of the shoes, and for a pair of quite tall heels they are so comfortable, you can barely feel that you are wearing heels! I love the metallic heel which adds a contrast to the rest of the shoe. These would be absolutely perfect for a night out or a party, with any type of dress, playsuit or jumpsuit.


The shoes are available from here now! An absolutely beautiful collection. Be quick snapping them up, I think they’ll be so popular! I’ll certainly be buying a pair of the Peep Toe Drop Side shoes!

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