Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

Hello everyone! This a product I included in my 2013 favourites, and after you’ve read through this post, you will know why! Before using Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter, I never bothered with applying body lotion or body butter after a shower. Now I can’t live without doing it!I originally bought The Righteous Butter in a 50ml size pot, to try it out before plunging to the full size. There are actually three sizes of this – 50ml, 300ml (the one I have) and 1L. This pot came in The Full Monty gift set I bought before Christmas. The lasting time is perfect – you only need a small amount of product for a large area.

I love the packaging – it enables me to scoop out as much product as I want at once – and it is WAY too thick to be in anything other than a pot! I also love the classic Soap & Glory labelling.I apply this after every shower – without fail. It is definitely a holy grail product for me! You apply it to damp skin, I originally thought this would take AGES to dry, however, it sinks in so quickly you don’t have to stand there for what feels like 6 hours in the cold for it to sink in. Woohoo! It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft – and not sticky in the slightest. You wouldn’t believe the thick formula above sinks into the skin so quickly. This body butter is the most nourishing product I have put on my body – it makes my skin feel silky smooth and so soft, there is not a dry patch anywhere after using this. It is possibly so nourishing because it includes Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. It also smells BEAUTIFUL – so fruity and just, how can I put it, Soap & Glory like?!

All in all, this is the most amazing after-shower product I’ve ever used, and to convert me from being a lazy non-body moisturiser to a devout body moisturiser, it must be pretty amazing!

The 300ml container is £10.50 at Boots, which you can buy here. There are always offers on Soap & Glory – so if you stock up you could bag yourself a bargain.



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